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Taco Mamacita Nashville
Edgehill Village
1200 Villa Place
Nashville TN 37212
(615) 730-8552

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Review by  CLAY

I’ve now eaten at Taco Mamacita twice. The location is great, in a cool neighborhood and a really great atmosphere. The first thing that you notice upon arriving at TM is that they have a great outdoor patio. The next thing that you’ll notice (as we did on the second visit) is that if its a Wednesday, its crowded. Turns out Wednesday is “2-for-1 margarita” night, so if you go on a Wednesday, plan on waiting or sitting at the bar. We decided to sit at the bar and started off with a margarita (many options, the ones I’ve had were all good) and chips and salsa. The first problem, right off the bat, is that you have to pay $3 for chips and salsa, a Mexican restaurant staple that is free almost everywhere else. The chips and salsa are both good, and I believe they are made in house. They offer three types of salsa to chose from, or you can try the sampler for an additional charge. On my first visit we had the sampler, and even though it goes against my beliefs to pay for chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant, the sampler is a great way to start a meal at Taco Mamacita.

The menu at Taco Mamacita is very fun and interesting, and unique for a Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurant- you’re not ordering a “combo numero ocho” or a “Speedy Gonzalez” here. They specialize in a unique Peruvian Chicken which I have yet to try, as I have focused on their unique taco offerings on both visits. TM has about a dozen unique varieties of soft tacos to choose from, and you can get two of these and a side for a reasonable price (~$10). First, the tacos: of the dozen or so on the menu, none are your typical taco. These range from a BLT California club to a Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Memphis BBQ Pork, and beef brisket plus a variety of other offerings, several of which are vegetarian. On this night Britney and I both ordered the Caribbean Jerk, and then I went with the Memphis BBQ and she with the Sloppy Jose. First the good: the Memphis BBQ taco was delicious with tender pork in a sweet BBQ sauce topped with crunchy slaw and just a touch of what I think was mango salsa. A great combination. The Sloppy Jose (their take on sloppy Joe) was also apparently very good, and may be the closest thing to a traditional ground beef taco on the menu. However, the Caribbean Jerk was very bad. Britney took one bite and choked it down before abandoning the rest. Not being one to let food go to waste, I finished the entire thing, but I must say that I did not enjoy it. This taco was just plain bad. The flavor was very strong and not pleasant. The sides were also disappointing. The black beans and corn were not bad, just bland- you could make the same thing at home with a can of black beans and a can of yellow corn. The rice was also bland- nothing special. Supposedly the Jalapeno slaw is very good but we didn’t have a chance to try it.

I wish I could say that this visit to Taco Mamacita was different than the first, but both times I went in with high expectations based on the exciting and unique menu, and both times I left disappointed and feeling like I overpaid. For sure, there are some delicious tacos on the menu, but there are just as many disastrous combinations and it is impossible to know which is which until the first bite. Go for the drinks and the atmosphere- and if you must eat, expect to overpay, and order cautiously- ask your server or bartender which taco they eat most often. Otherwise you may find both your wallet and your stomach unsatisfied.


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