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Burger Beat-Down Nashville


Burger Beat-Down Results (Part I)

After many months of joyous judging and expanding waistlines, the Burger Beat-Down has finally come to its conclusion! Finding the best burger in Nashville was a tough job, and there were lots of worthy competitors, but we here at Eat It, Tennessee were up to the challenge, and we now give you the results of the Nashville Burger Beat-Down. The 15 contestants are listed below in descending order. While there were no “bad” burgers, there were a wide variety of styles and toppings, and some burgers clearly stood above the rest. The rating shown is the average of our three judge panel on a scale of 1-5. Click here for more info on the process and guidelines as well as the full photo gallery. Check back on Wednesday and Friday for parts II and III.


15.  Fat Mo’s (avg. rating: 2.08)

Fat Mo's No 1 on Urbanspoon

Fat Mo BurgerFat Mo’s is a local fast food chain whose restaurants offer drive-thru and walk-up service only. The patties are large and the value is great, probably the best in the Beat-Down. However, the flavors just aren’t there, with sub-par toppings and too much mustard causing the burgers to become a sloppy mess before they could be finished.


14.  Gabby’s Burgers and Fries (avg. rating: 2.30)

 Gabby's Burgers & Fries on Urbanspoon

Gabby's BurgerGabby’s uses only grass fed beef for their burgers, resulting in a lower fat and lower calorie burger. While this grass fed beef is definitely healthier, it doesn’t necessarily make a better burger. The well-done patties were drier and tougher than expected, and lacked the flavor of some of the other contestants. The toppings were very fresh and they offer a great selection of condiments and sauces. Unfortunately, the bun became soggy before the end of the meal. The fries (both traditional and sweet potato) were fresh cut and delicious.


12.  Pour House (avg. rating: 2.58)

Pour House on Urbanspoon

Pour HouseThe burgers were seasoned well, but dry. The bold flavors of the sauce and cheese on the bleu cheese and horseraddish burger overwhelmed the actual burger. The vegetables on the plain burger were sad, and it was served without condiments. The toppings on the Big Tennessee were all over the place, causing every bite to be different. The wings, dessert, beer and bourbon selection outshined the burgers, and the service left a lot to be desired. Not a bad burger, but nothing to write home about.


12.  Burger Up (avg. rating 2.58)

Burger Up on Urbanspoon

Burger UPThis popular restaurant has a great location and an excellent menu. However, the burgers don’t quite live up to the hype. The pimento cheese was barely noticeable on the Ramsey Pimento Cheese Burger, while the red onion overwhelmed the other flavors on multiple burgers. The meat was high quality, well seasoned, and cooked a juicy medium to medium well with a great texture, but the bun was a bit too big for the burger. Burger UP was good but it wasn’t able to live up to the great reputation that it has in and around Nashville.


11. Brown’s Diner (avg. rating: 2.83)

Brown's Diner on Urbanspoon

Brown's DinerBrown’s Diner isn’t much to look at, but it has a long history of (cheap) cold beer and tasty burgers. These burgers were small and inexpensive but had good flavor- they were the comfort food of burgers, kind of plain and generic, but pretty good and exactly what you expected. They were a little chewy, and the quality of the bun was reflective of the price. A good, but unremarkable baseline burger.


10.  Mad Donna’s (avg. rating: 2.88)

Mad Donna's on Urbanspoon

Mad Donna'sMad Donna’s has a great menu with lots of variety and some exciting burger options. The burgers were big and flavorful, but they all came out well-done and dry despite the server asking for our preferred temperature. The Smokehouse Burger had great flavor, but couldn’t hide the dryness. The vegetable toppings left a little to be desired, but the fries and sweet potato fries were good. The dryness (partially due to overcooking) was the tragic flaw of an otherwise fantastic burger.

Click here for Part II and Part III!