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Sub Stop

1701 Broadway
Nashville, TN

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Reviewed by: Clay
Dined 11/20/13

I probably drove past Sub Stop one hundred times during the first two years that I lived in Nashville. Each time I’d see the bright pink walls and think to myself, “I need to try that place!” Eventually I did, at the recommendation of a coworker. Sub Stop is now one of my favorite places in midtown for a quick and tasty lunch.

Sub Stop

Sub Stop is a no frills sandwich shop. You won’t find ten varieties of breads, hydroponic micro-greens, or artisan cookies here. What you will find are simple, traditional, and delicious sandwiches. It’s a little more Jimmy John’s than Subway, but local and better than either of those chains. Their bread is soft with just the right amount of chewiness and holds up when stuffed with meat, cheese, and veggies. A variety of regular and premium sandwiches are offered in full (over a foot) and half-sizes with side orders of soup, chips or potato salad available. The full-size subs are around $8 and half-size are under $5. They also offer assorted pies, cakes, and probably the best deal in town on Christie Cookies (only 68 cents). Most sandwiches feature a deli meat base, but there are a few other options like steak, grilled chicken, meatballs, and chicken salad as well. All of the ingredients are high quality, and they will sometimes have daily or seasonal specials.

Pastrami & SwissFor my recent lunch picked up a full-size pastrami and Swiss on white bread.  All-the-way includes lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, oil, and vinegar. Mayo and spicy mustard were added at my request. You have the choice of getting your sub hot or cold. My advice is always go hot (unless you get chicken salad, maybe). The thin-sliced pastrami is delicious, with the black peppercorn crust providing the perfect contrast to the rich beef. The cheese and toppings are fresh and high quality. The pastrami & Swiss is one of my favorites, but they also offer corned beef & Swiss, a Reuben, roast beef and a variety of hams turkey sandwiches all on your choice of Italian or dark whole wheat bread. You can’t go wrong.

While I got my warm pastrami & Swiss to go, if you have time my recommendation would to eat in. For one thing, your warm sandwich will be warmer, but eating at Sub Stop can also be a relaxing experience. It is a bit nostalgic; feeling like the interior could have been set a few decades ago. There are small TVs and old, but not worn out tables and chairs, free magazines to read, and even a book club. There is no pretense, no rush, and no reason not to relax and enjoy your sandwich.

Sub Stop may not be fancy, but the people are friendly and as the bags say, the subs are delicious. When you’re looking for a good sandwich without gimmicks or hassles, that’s what matters. Stop by for lunch or call ahead 615-255-ASUB (2782).