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The Slider House

The Slider House – Double Review

1907 Division St.
Reviewed by: Mary Beth & Josh
Dined 11/14/13 

Mary BethSlider House Rules! It’s true.  You won’t find a better lunch spot on Division Street and you simply can’t beat the incredible lunchtime deal at Slider House. For $7.99 you get any two sliders on the menu and healthy portion of a side. Essentially, when you do the math, you get the side for free. But enough about the awesome lunch deal, let’s get to the food and the experience…

To set the scene, Slider House has a diner feel with red and chrome décor, but it’s much more eclectic than your typical diner. My favorite accent piece is an incredible painting of the four main characters of The Big Lebowski hung in the center of restaurant. I want that painting for my future den. Seriously, dude. Another signature feature is a huge stuffed bull head busting through the wall overtop the bar. Pretty badass for a place that serves tiny burgers…

The Dude & Co.

The fun vibe makes the dining experience that much better and makes returning to work after a delicious lunch that much harder. It’s the type of place where I’d rather order a pitcher of beer (or in this case, a bucket of cans) and ditch the office, so knowing that, I’ll be returning for a happy hour snack in the near future.

DSC_0222For my lunch deal slider selection, I went with the Old Hickory beef slider, a BBQ-and-Benton’s-bacon unbeatable combo, and the Slaw Dog, a beef dog with pickled slaw and that same BBQ sauce, making for a flavor-packed duo.  Both were delicious, and as someone who likes variety, I appreciated being able to have a burger and a dog. The dog was interestingly split in half and then sliced into two pieces lengthwise. It was placed on a roll, just like the burger, so if you’re expecting a normal hotdog bun, you won’t get it. The buttery roll was perfectly sized, so I didn’t miss the bun.

The burger was cooked to medium-well, when I prefer medium, but that was a minor point since it was much more flavorful and juicier than most sliders I’ve ordered, which are always cooked too long and usually end up dry, shriveled and lacking flavor. These were quite the opposite. Perhaps the highlight of my lunch was my side – sweet potato wedges with a honey mustard dipping sauce. I can’t recall a time when I’ve ever had sweet potato wedges quite like these, per se, certainly fries countless times, but these wedges were large, crispy, blackened a bit, and all-around awesome. The dipping sauce was some of the best honey mustard I’ve ever had, hands down.

Mary Beth’s Rating:


As you can tell, I’m a fan of Slider House. I’ll be back for lunch and certainly dinner, early or late night. I appreciate tiny burgers and dogs, because sometimes you just want that little bite of umami goodness and not a huge, gut bomb of a burger. Slider House will give you flavorful mini-burgers and small dogs along with great sides to round out your meal.

Josh: I was excited about Slider House for a couple of reasons. Having completed the burger beat down as the control, i was excited to try something besides a plain burger, not that there is anything wrong with a plain burger. Given that, the menu options at Slider House were just what I was looking for. Luckily, the two slider lunch combo allows for trying something new and an old favorite. There were so many mouthwatering choices. It’s not just burgers at the Slider House; they have an interesting selection of chicken, sausage, and vegetarian slider options.

DSC_0218What would I try? The possibilities seemed endless. I ordered the Muchacho – a spicy combo of pico, jalapenos, and avacado (a nod to the hot chicken challenge) and the Chicken slider, which touted a honey-sriracha glaze (sriracha is so hot right now, pun intended). For the side – yes a side is included in the combo – I went with my burger beatdown staple and ordered fries. As I waited for the food, I took in the decor. The restaurant is warm and friendly. There is some really cool art on the walls. It’s the kind of place that you could spend an afternoon in.

House made chips are an optional side

House made chips are an optional side

When the food came, I was somewhat disappointed. The fries looked sad, almost as if they were frozen. The burger was small and did not fill the bun. I dove into the Muchacho. No heat. The pico de gallo tasted like tomato sauce. There was one bite of with some heat – maybe that was the lone jalapeno on the sandwich. I could barely see the avocado, let alone taste it. On top of that, burger was small and I was left with a few bites of just bun. But, the Provence bun was the best part, so maybe that was intended. It was soft and airy. It reminded me of my favorite slider chain’s soft steamy goodness, but much much better on every level. The bun was so tasty, I just wanted something tasty in the middle.

Now on to the chicken slider. The bun was again the star. The chicken was nicely cooked and crunchy. Again, the heat was lost. The sandwich was tasteless except for some sweetness. The lettuce on the sandwich did not help in masking the flavor either. The fries were bland and sad. This could have been my fault in ordering. I tried one of the sweet potato wedges and they were really good. They came with a horseradish dijon mustard sauce that was also really good – i finally found my heat!

Josh’s Rating:


At the end of the meal, i was slightly hungry. I would have a liked a bit more food, but the price was reasonable. I’d think about the three burger combo if i ever made it back. And if i was to ever make it back, I’d try the vegetarian options in hopes that they would be better. Because, if i want a slider or a chicken slider, i’m probably going to Krystal.

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