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Wild Wasabi 2

Wild Wasabi

209 10th Ave S. #215
 Reviewed by: Josh
Dined 1/14/14

Treasure Island

Ok. A food blog post about a sushi restaurant — in Nashville? Sushi is sushi. However, this experience at Wild Wasabi was memorable. Part of getting sushi is the presentation, and this didn’t disappoint.

We ordered the Treasure Island; spicy tuna and avocado. What’s not to like? Well, unbeknownst to us, this was no ordinary roll. It wasn’t even a roll. There was half an avocado with spicy tuna piled on top. The tuna was great – big chunks with great flavor. Normally, I think of spicy tuna in a chopped form, so larger pieces was great. Granted, it was a little cumbersome to eat with chopsticks, but that didn’t stop me. The avocado was just the right amount of ripeness for the dish. The “island” sat on a bed of something – apple or raddish – that added a nice tartness. Instead of the traditional soy/wasabi combo, this dish comes with a side of ponzu. It adds more citrus and tang to the meal and was a great compliment. And if you’ve already scrolled ahead to see what this thing looks like, then you’ve noticed the strawberries. At first, I was a little unsure of these. But they were alluring – probably in same way people watch reality television. So I dipped those suckers right my soy/wasabi combo (you’ve got to make it at a sushi place right? It’s fun to play with your food… plus we of course got other rolls. This wasn’t amateur hour). Strawberries, wasabi, soy… New combination for 2014! Try it for yourself. Add your favorite spirit, and it could be a great drink. It was spicy, sour, sweet, salty – pretty much covered the gamut. It was so good in fact, I didn’t share or tell anyone about it (until now).

Treasure Island

We also got some other rolls – the traditional stuff. Nothing remarkable. But it would be hard to outshine the treasure island. I’d like to go back – next time for lunch. Wild Wasabi features a lunch buffet: sushi, hibachi, entrees, and dessert for $11.50. Definitely worth a try. Any one tried this? I’ve heard good things, but would love to get some reactions. Let me know in the comments section.

Overall, Wild Wasabi turned out to be a treasure and a memorable dining experience. When eating sushi, I can’t ask for much more – taste, experience, presentation.

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