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417 Union St.
Reviewed by: Josh

Luckily, I was able to stumble upon 417 Union. Usually a lunch spot, they serve breakfast, lunch, and diner and all day. The menu was extensive – in a good way – and it was worth a shot. It certainly paid off.

Walking, in the atmosphere is welcoming. It was laid back like walking into someone’s house. I’d imagine at lunch, it’d be busier and more chaotic, but this evening was really nice. Our service was outstanding, thanks Velvet! We heard about the history of place and got great recommendations. She was honest and steered us in the right direction.

417 HashI ordered breakfast and the wife got a dinner. For breakfast options, 417 Union has three hash options! Three! Corned beef, Prime Rib, and Smoked Salmon. Of course, I had to get one. Never having seen a smoked salmon hash, i ordered it. It was beautifully presented as a bed of potatoes and onions mixed with smoked salmon topped with three perfectly cooked medium eggs. There was also a side of boursin cheese. Put all that together with a touch of hot sauce and it’s a winning combo.

417 ChickenThe chicken was juicy and crispy. The platters at 417 Union come with two sides and mashed potatoes. That’s right – AND. The other selections were vegetables and were very good. This balanced out the fried of the chicken and the mashed potatoes. The portion size was more than generous. It was enough to share but too good not to!

If that all wasn’t enough, we got a sampler platter of house made desserts – carrot cake, cheese cake, and banana pudding (claimed to be really good). The banana pudding lived up to the hype. It was the best of the three. It wasn’t too sweet and had big banana chunks. The cheese cake was firm and had a meringue like texture. The cake was laced with chocolate and not a crumb was left.

417 Dessert

Overall, the menu was vast and I’d go back for more. Serving breakfast all day is a plus. The service was nice and friendly. What’s not to like?


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